Instaloader is a tool to download pictures (or videos) along with their captions and other metadata from Instagram.

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With Python installed, do:

$ pip3 install instaloader

$ instaloader profile [profile ...]

See Install Instaloader for more options on how to install Instaloader.


  • downloads public and private profiles, hashtags, user stories, feeds and saved media,

  • downloads comments, geotags and captions of each post,

  • automatically detects profile name changes and renames the target directory accordingly,

  • allows fine-grained customization of filters and where to store downloaded media,

  • automatically resumes previously-interrupted download iterations,

  • is free open source software written in Python.

instaloader [--comments] [--geotags]
            [--stories] [--highlights] [--tagged] [--igtv]
            [--login YOUR-USERNAME] [--fast-update]
            profile | "#hashtag" | %location_id |
            :stories | :feed | :saved

See Download Pictures from Instagram for a detailed introduction on how to use Instaloader to download pictures from Instagram.

Instaloader Documentation


As an open source project, Instaloader heavily depends on the contributions from its community. See Contributing to Instaloader for how you may help Instaloader to become an even greater tool.


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It is a pleasure for us to share our Instaloader to the world, and we are proud to have attracted such an active and motivating community, with so many users who share their suggestions and ideas with us. Buying a community-sponsored beer or coffee from time to time is very likely to further raise our passion for the development of Instaloader.

For Donations, we provide GitHub Sponsors page, a PayPal.Me link and a Bitcoin address.


Instaloader is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial project. Use at your own risk.

Instaloader is licensed under an MIT license. Refer to LICENSE file for more information.